The Holy Ghost in Sunset Park

This journal article, written by Stanley Johannesen, is a treasure of information about the origins of the Salem Gospel Tabernacle which was the mother church of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle!

The Pentecostal Church

Refused to Take Oath

This wonderful news clipping from the New York Times, April 4, 1931, includes a reference to pastor Arne Dahl and refers to the Salem Gospel Tabernacle in its nascense as “the Pentecostal Church.”

Our Humble Beginnings

This article offers a few more pieces of information to help tell the story of SGT’s origins from the original SGT: Salem Gospel Tabernacle. It connects the addresses mentioned in the New York Times clipping to the Salem Gospel Tabernacle.

SGT New York Avenue Dedication

Tabernacle Eyes Sweetbriar


Friends at the meetings at Hauppauge Village Hall, 1955